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Few Indian astrologers too and the worst thing is that they shamelessly talk about Copyright Laws and they themself break the Copyright Laws.

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I was keeping silent through most of your messages, but when you start to criticize others and refer to copyright issues, I cant keep silent, as this is not only absurd but also kind of evil. These people are coming from the tradition you are constantly criticizing. You do it presumably as reaction for exposing your actions regarding astrology and your way of marketing. You must log in to post a comment. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Email Address. Wednesday, October 09, Back Conference Workshops. Site Meta. Beware of Imposters We have been getting umpteen complaints that one Mr.

This message will be reposted. He is falsely glorifying his inadequate knowledge and experience and wants to make quick money. I want to warn others against you. Subscribe via Email Enter your email address to subscribe and receive notifications of new posts by email. Powered by Gantry Framework. To Top. Most of us have mixed influences and end up with half the world extolling our virtues while the other half cannot wait to drag us through mud!

And all of this can change with the dashas as they change during our life.

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It must be immediately apparent that the maya pada, while operable in the lives of each of us, would be extremely important for those who lead a public life. The celebrities, politicians, administrators, need a strong pada in order to be charismatically effective and to be considered effective and successful in what they are trying to do. Spiritual leaders, also are very vulnerable to public opinions, scrutiny and so the pada influences their lives and work, considerably. Very few would perceive Hitler as anything but a devil-driven tyrant, someone with a mission to force a new form of world-order through means of destruction, terror, tyranny, confinement, etc.

Not quite the image that would fit the Libra rising, with Venus, retrograde retrograde benefics improve in their benefic properties , and despite the 'cruel' influence of mars and exalted sun megalomania in its worst possible expression , the hideous picture does not quite gel.

If we examine the pada chart, his lagna pada aroodha is falling in the 10th house, right where a strong Saturn is placed in cancer. Others would perceive him as an enemy, someone to be feared, someone who arrived with a mission to uplift the masses, to teach society a lesson, through the harshest expression of power.

He probably thought that he was 'caring' for his people, strengthening the destiny of Germany and Germans gajakeshari in ninth from lagnesha but with ketu , but most others do not perceive him that way. Rahu represents mars in this chart since it occupies Scorpio , hence the somewhat 'cutting' edge to his ironical, satirical humor, the wry, tough-love approach. Mars is also the atmakaraka, by the way, hence fits in the picture well. Mercury, the patron lord of comedians casts aspect on aroodha from the 5th house entertainment, children.

Bill is very natural with children, as seen in his television sitcoms and shows. The lord of fifth in 6th, the lord of 2nd in 8th, Jupiter aspecting from 11th, the fifth house partial cancellation due to angular Saturn , are not good indications for family in personal life his son was killed a few years ago. Perhaps saptamamsha will give more indications of this. This chart is a good example of how deceiving exaltation can be when considered as a sole factor sometimes done because of the obvious convenience.

In V7 saptamesha, Jupiter is exalted retrograde in 5th house. However, it is weak in shadbala and the putrakaraka Venus is placed in the 12th house loss. The 5th pada falls in the 3rd house with gulika in it. Lord of fifth, moon is placed in 7th in Jaimini aspect from 8th pada maranapada , again not good for longevity of children. Such is the maya! Speaking of 'maya' and particularly of screen personalities and their maya, we cannot but skip past the phenomenal super-star of Bollywood, Mr. Angry Young Man, Amitabh Bachchan, the heart-throb of my generation and at least one more after mine!

His intense, on-screen persona and his immense acting skills that added to his range going from the almost schizoid poet in Saat Hindustani to his role in Zanzeer and the contrasting bubbly roles in other movies have won many a hearts. Before he became the Lovable Mr.

Karma and Freewill – Sanjay Rath

Lamboo from whom the public will take anything, he was brought to notice by his intense, nearly silent roles. Amitabh Bachchan's lagna pada is in the 4th house smack on the Saturn which is retrograde in Taurus and also lagnesha! Is that the key? His arudha sits on his lagnesha that is the strongest planet in the chart! His screen persona is very genuine and convincing! People just feel that they are experiencing the real Mr. Bachchan and not some conjured up screen image! His phenomenal rise during his Saturn dasha is not some happenstance.

October onwards, gnatikaraka dasha will begin and he may find himself amongst those who are ambitious, not as accomplished but younger stars.

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He has of course wisely moved on to other things, already! Martha Stewert whose name and options have recently withstood a severe public damage has her lagna pada in 9th house giving that wholesome image of traditional living for many seasons. With cancer chara dasha beginning in August , she has had to see significant losses in business assets and experienced inimical activity 2nd and 6th pada is in cancer in 10th house and contains gnatikaraka mercury and bhratrikaraka sun - indicating an associate who might have brought attention to her dealings.

In dashamsha, lagna pada lord mars is in debility in 4th house across from moon and Venus lords of 4th, 2nd and 7th and has brought loss and defamation to some extent. Moving along to the next chart; a saint unquestionably, but it would be correct to say that this saint was perceived by all as one who knew how to serve God through serving humanity. A true mother, is it any surprise that the lagna arudha is placed in the fourth house as she created homes and resting places 4th for many weary souls and looked after them with selfless love as only a mother can.

Her spirituality was of genuine love and sacrifice and little wonder that the pada of 9th house falls in the 12th house just where Venus is placed. Giving birth to an institution of love and caring. Venus, additionally, is the matrukaraka in this horoscope. Her life was not easy and the presence of gnathikaraka sun in strength with the third karaka bhratrikaraka mars in 10th house is indicative of this self-chosen life of sacrifice, service and efforts.

That atmakaraka moon natural karaka for mother is in Aries in 6th with debilitated Saturn is not accidental but indicative of her self-chosen mission. That retrograde Saturn happens to be putrakaraka is significant too in this symbol of motherhood divine that her life represents. Sun is the lord of 10th and very strong. It is also gnatikaraka and hence cannot promise luxuries and comfort.

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Atmakarak moon is in its nakshatra and so the life was intended to be hard and even harsh. Sun is also the final dispositor of several planets and this again indicates that despite all the pain and self-denials, this individual will attain world reknown and she did.

Deep Introduction to Nakshatras by Pt. Sanjay Rath in Vedic Astrology

Tenth pada in 7th house hardly is capable of keeping the real worth hidden! So the saint comes to light, and finds her work just as it was intended dashamesh in 10th with lagnesha placed therein with full personal involvement, though others may see this as being enacted in a far-off land in a culture that was not her own 10th pada in 7th house where rahu is placed.

Astrology writers tend to depict in their writings, almost in an unsaid manner, and sometimes overtly - as if the rules of astrology are rigid and work perfectly each time.

However, it is not always true and even after weeding out inaccurate birth times, ayanamshas and other factors, each astrologer would personally experience difficult charts. Difficult because the rules of astrology do not work predictably in those cases, despite all corrections and fixing and tweaking humanly and honestly possible.

These charts provide one an opportunity to stop and wonder if there is something even beyond the ignorance of the astrologer as well as beyond the perfection of astrology, that may need to be accounted for from time to time. With that always kept in the back of one's mind, when indications behave in a predictable manner, it gives one the satisfaction and reason to continue pursuing astrology as a tool for useful advice.

And, when one gets stymied by the 'difficult' unrelenting charts, this gives one the reason to pursue even further with eyes opened wider and the mind energized by this challenge that destiny posed before us or perhaps it is a case where the expression of freedom of choice has challenged the drums of destiny!