March 4 sign astrological

If we know our Ascendant, through analysis, we can get more information about the characteristics, potentials and talents that need to be developed.

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It this case knowing is the correct path towards any improvement, the more you know, the progress is getting bigger. This is an impressive aspect of the astrological analyses, but what is also the significant aspect that influences characters of a particular individual is also a date of birth, since it has astrological and numerical influence. Separation from the world is not something that these people deliberately choose, but somehow through life imposes them, they undoubtedly have this characteristic of reclusiveness that all Pisces have.

March 4 Zodiac Sign, Love Compatibility

They have a high power of concentration and are very rarely faced with the problem of disturbance — people of the March 4 are those who are facing all difficulties with some calmness and serenity. There is no doubt that inside, they can be nervous and disturbed, but they will deal with problems rationally and maturely. These people are not lonely even though, for the sake of their behaviour, at first glance they gain such an impression — they are those types of people that enjoy solitude and spending time entirely alone, with their thoughts and ideas.

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People who are born on March 4 love to spend with friends and people who are well acquainted, those friendships are long-term and filled with honesty and loyalty, that they give, as well as receive. When they come to expect in such a society, they usually carry the feeling of intimacy that they convey to everyone else. They attach particular importance to such social activities and like they want this group of their beloved to break away from the rest of the world.

These are individuals that are like almost all Pisces very creative and use that creativity to decorate their home or business premises, they can make a living by using their creativity and original ideas. Their living space must be harmonious and very imaginative and modest because they are not preoccupied with material concerns.

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  • This ability to enjoy small things makes them extremely elegant, so they are challenging their surroundings to keep up with them, which is you will admit, hard. The negative aspect of their reclusiveness is that they can experience health problems, their isolation from the outside world can be terrible. That is why it is essential for these people to grow into their sociability. Recommendations are various social clubs and hobbies with which they would spend some time in society.

    Team sports as physical forms of social nature must also be involved in the life of those born this day.

    These people are fascinating lovers, and they are those people who need to have a lover, friend and a patron and a leader in their chosen partners. But since they can be closed people, they need patience and sympathy, and you cannot be overly pushy to them. Do not push them for fun and do not tease them and do not respond sharply as these people cannot take a refusal. People who celebrate their birthdays on March 4 find an ideal partner in a person who is stronger and sensitive at the same time, and most importantly who has endless patience to stay and wait for them to open.

    However, they have such an ideal of romance that it will be unrealistic to expect that this love will come quickly for them, but it is not impossible. They live in a dream world and need a lover who will wake them up and someone who will dominate, but very subtle.

    Nothing aggressive is an option. Their sex is an emotional and physical experience, and if they allow it, it will also be a spiritual experience — in every aspect of their lives, this aspect of spirituality can be seen clearly.

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    They are perfect lovers, and this includes both sexes that are born on the March 4 — they are sensitive and caring lovers, who want to take care of their lovers. Then, as the New Moon energy fades, Mercury retrograde in Pisces continues for a few weeks. Nostalgia, themes from the past, reconnecting, reunions, soul mates, so much unconditional love is up for grabs. Are you ready?

    Biography of Chris Rea (excerpt)

    Sun : Pisces — Let your creativity and romantic heart soar. Moon : Aquarius — Follow the feelings, and the Einstein ideas you are having today. Moon : Moon enters Aries — That little spark of passion you have needs to be unleashed. Moon: Moon enters Taurus — The slow and steady race is the path to abundance.

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